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42 icons

Roswell10.png image by cLaNababi330 TheOC8.png image by cLaNababi330 TheOC3.png image by cLaNababi330
GilmoreGirls9.png image by cLaNababi330 Charmed3.png image by cLaNababi330 Charmed9.png image by cLaNababi330

This was the first part of the fandom requests.
WARNING: Text icons include language some people may not want to see. ( Its really not that bad, just figured I'd warn you before you scroll all the way down. )

Roswell1.png image by cLaNababi330 Roswell2.png image by cLaNababi330 Roswell3.png image by cLaNababi330 Roswell4.png image by cLaNababi330 Roswell5.png image by cLaNababi330 1-5
Roswell9.png image by cLaNababi330 Roswell6.png image by cLaNababi330 Roswell7.png image by cLaNababi330 Roswell8.png image by cLaNababi330 Roswell10.png image by cLaNababi330 6-10

The OC
TheOC1.png image by cLaNababi330 TheOC2.png image by cLaNababi330 TheOC3.png image by cLaNababi330 TheOC4.png image by cLaNababi330 TheOC5.png image by cLaNababi330 11-15
TheOC6.png image by cLaNababi330 TheOC7.png image by cLaNababi330 TheOC8.png image by cLaNababi330 TheOC9-1.png image by cLaNababi330 TheOC9.png image by cLaNababi330 16-20

Gilmore Girls
GilmoreGirls1.png image by cLaNababi330 GilmoreGirls2.png image by cLaNababi330 GilmoreGirls3.png image by cLaNababi330 GilmoreGirls4.png image by cLaNababi330 GilmoreGirls5.png image by cLaNababi330 21-25
GilmoreGirls8-1.png image by cLaNababi330 GilmoreGirls9.png image by cLaNababi330 GilmoreGirls7.png image by cLaNababi330 GilmoreGirls6.png image by cLaNababi330 GilmoreGirls10.png image by cLaNababi330 26-30

Charmed1.png image by cLaNababi330 Charmed2.png image by cLaNababi330 Charmed3.png image by cLaNababi330 Charmed4.png image by cLaNababi330 Charmed5.png image by cLaNababi330 31-35
Charmed6.png image by cLaNababi330 Charmed7.png image by cLaNababi330 Charmed8.png image by cLaNababi330 Charmed9.png image by cLaNababi330 Charmed10.png image by cLaNababi330 36-40

FB1.png image by cLaNababi330 FB2.png image by cLaNababi330 41-42

I'm still working on the other fandoms: veronica mars, doctor who, smallville, heroes, supernatural, one tree hill, and high school musical.

Comment. Credit sadiebabi. No hotlinking or editing or claiming as your own. JOIN. Feedback is awsome and enjoy!
Tags: !fixthepuzzle, charmed, gilmore girls, roswell, the oc
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